Mausoleums In Westwood, NJ

Mausoleums are large monuments that gained fame as far back as 353 B.C. for housing the remains of royalty. In the modern age mausoleums have become accessible to the public and are no longer attributed to nobility. That being said these connotations still exist as mausoleums are considered the absolute highest degree of dedication that can be paid. Mausoleums are not to be confused with tombs, crypts, or sarcophagi which are not the same thing. Crypts are burial grounds which were hidden secretly under churches. Tombs are burial sites that exist underground solely.  A sarcophagus is typically made of stone and cannot be entered or opened. A mausoleum is a burial site that exists normally above ground although sometimes in ground. These burial sites are made to host anywhere from ten to twenty internments. Mausoleums are a beautiful way to commemorate someone’s memory in Westwood, NJ.

Due to the size of mausoleums it is not unheard of for them to have aspects of many different monuments mixed with them. This means inscriptions, etchings, sand blasted images, sculptures, cremation urns, markers, patters, borders, religious verses, lifespans, names, quotes, and multiple bases. Mausoleums can take anywhere from one to four weeks for completion due to the size of the project. However, this time constraint is often a feather in the wind compared to the end results of having a mausoleum. By having a mausoleum you are affording you and your family a level of privacy when visiting your lost loved one that will help to trigger life advancement and emotional progress. This is in part why mausoleums have become so inspiring today. Westwood, NJ is home to some of the most astonishing mausoleums, if you are in need of support call Mancini Monuments today.