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img_0423A Monument is defined as a building or object designed for the sole purpose of paying homage to a significant person or event.  There are countless distinct types of monuments such as mausoleums, obelisks, monoliths, markers, headstones, and plaques.  Obelisks are tall monuments that have unique points at the top. Many adore this proud monument because it reminds them of the ambitious person whom they dedicate them too.  Monoliths are similar to obelisks in the sense that they can be very tall. However, monoliths are made from unaltered, or uncut rock portions. This type of monument is respected because it is so natural and may reflect certain values exhibited by whomever it is dedicated to.

Markers are unique in the sense that they are very small monuments. They tend to be rectangle in shape and focus more on the engravings they exhibit than there size for appearance. Markers most commonly come in granite, color being one of the major reasons why. Granite can be produced in colors like white, black, pink, orange, blue, and green. These colors can additionally be chosen from in a wide spectrum of shades further allowing more choices.  Sculptures are often an addition made to monuments as well. After choosing the type of monument there are several other aspects to consider. If you and your family are considering a monument to immortalize the life of your loved one call Mancini Monument today.